Tax Solutions Group

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary, saving our clients over $40,000,000.00 in the last few years alone.

Recent clients include several non-filers for 20 years+.  State tax agency claimed they owed in excess of  $200,000.00.  We secured income and withholding reports, prepared 20 years of returns and reduced liability to ZERO.  Liens were promptly released.

Our 20 year average savings through OFFER IN COMPROMISE is currently 96%, or 4 cents to the dollar.

We continue to prepare client’s tax returns and keep them out of tax trouble, year by year. We also have retained all software programs and can prepare 20+ years of back tax returns.

We file extensions for our elderly clients with multiple income sources, and in July, we obtain their entire income reported to IRS, thereby eliminating income audits. This alone saves thousands in penalty and interest. 

Contact us by phone or email we are here to help.