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If you’ve received a threatening letter from the IRS or State telling you that you owe back taxes — or even worse, threatening to levy your bank account and/or garnish your wages — we can help. Here’s what you can expect to happen once you retain us to represent you:

Step 1

We immediately contact the IRS / STATE on your behalf and request and receive all the documentation we need from them. This allows us to clarify the exact problem so we can implement a plan to resolve the problem. And we request delay in collection action. This stops wage garneshes, liens, levies, etc, so you can collect your full wages and fully access your bank accounts.

Step 2

We prepare and file all non-filed tax returns. We have software back to 1990. Based upon information received from IRS / STATE, we're able to get the taxpayer into full compliance.

Step 3

We prepare and file an Offer In Compromise based upon your individual financial situation. This good faith procedure stops all future collection action until acceptance of the OIC. Average is 4 cents on the dollar! Alternatively, we can prepare and file an Official Non-Collectible Status if your circumstances merit it. Then we negotiate an Installment Agreement. This get you paying off the balance of what you owe after we've negotiated down the total amount to payments that you can afford.



We negotiate for a fraction of what you owe. Our average settlement is 4 cents on the dollar ...

This is key to getting you out of hot water. Our software lets us go all the way back to 1990 ...

We have the expertise to reduce – or completely eliminate the tax – and also penalties and interest ...

& Levies/Liens. Get you your full paycheck while we negotiate on your behalf ...

Once you have a settlement, it's time to get you a payment plan you can actually afford ...

State tax problems are just as serious as Federal — sometimes worse — we help dig you out ...

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