Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wages have been garnished, what can be done?

A: We will contact the taxing agency and negotiate to have the garnishment lifted, delayed or modified depending upon the circumstances.

Q: My bank account has been levied, what can be done?

A: We will contact the taxing agency and negotiate to have the levy released or modified depending upon the circumstances.

Q: I owe the IRS money, what can be done?

A: Depending upon the amount owed and your personal financial situation we can negotiate an Installment Agreement or an Offer in Compromise.

Q: How much is your fee to negotiate a settlement for me?

A: It depends on how much you owe, how many taxing agencies funds are owed to and what type of settlement we are negotiating.

Q: Now that we have contacted your firm, what is the next step?

A: We need to begin your representation QUICK! The fastest way is via e-mail or fax. We must get IRS and/or State paperwork signed and dated by you, enabling us to contact these agencies TODAY! This paperwork is scanned and sent at your request. Print out the signature pages, sign and date, and scan and email back, or just fax them to us. It's that easy! Also, you may come to our Corporate Office in Santa Ana, California. Or if you live in Southern California, we can send a representative to your home or office.

Q: My company is incorporated. If the corporation does not pay the payroll taxes, am I personally protected from the taxing agencies trying to collect from me?

A: No. First they will try to collect from the corporation. If this fails, they can then access all officers of the corporation for the “trust fund portion” of the taxes owed and then bill you personally for this amount.

Q: Can I discharge my taxes thru a bankruptcy?

A: You may be able to discharge income taxes thru a bankruptcy when certain conditions are met.

Q: I have not filed taxes for several years and do not have my W-2’s or 1099’s, can you help?

A: Yes, we can order income information from the taxing agencies and prepare your returns based on this information.

Q: The taxing agency disallowed my exemptions, can you do anything?

A: Depending upon the reason they disallowed your exemption, we can get the exemptions reinstated once we show proof of your claim

Q: The taxing agency has called me in for an audit can you help?

A: Our staff has helped many clients during the stress of an audit. We are knowledgeable in the codes and tax laws and will ensure you will be allowed every legal deduction.